Day 144 – Thankful for Chillin’ On The Couch with the Family

While there were a bevy of wonderful things like getting things done around the house, working outside, getting a 5 mile run in as a family (Gavin was biking, but close enough!), having some quiet time, finishing a puzzle box that I’d previously failed at, and hearing a great homily at church, I’d have to say I’m most thankful for the way we closed out an epic Saturday night…  chillin’ on the couch watching some TV as a family.

It doesn’t happen often, we’re usually running between events, playing games, reading, or who knows what else, but lately it’s been the way we’ve brought Saturday nights to an end and it’s been very relaxing and satisfying.  

One of the reasons I’m enjoying it so much is we talk during the shows a lot.  During Mythbusters: The Search for instance we spend a lot of time discussing the logic between ideas and brainstorming new ways we’d do it if we were on the show.  There’s also some great character and values dialogue as we share which person we enjoy the most and why, which values they exhibit that we appreciate.  There’s also some good natured ribbing as we pick sides and cheer for our team in the different competitions.

Becky and I have gotten hooked on a show called Red Oaks on Amazon and really enjoy it.  It gives us both a chance to decompress, cuddle up, and shoot the bull about the show’s ups and downs…  another way for us to bond and relax.

While spending a lot of time in front of the TV isn’t usually my thing, those couple of hours with my family are what I’m most thankful for today.  Anything that causes us to be together talking about ideas, values, dreams and so on is very much welcomed.


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