Day 143 – Thankful for Crash Test Dummies

Yeah, I’m going a little old school tonight.  Way back in late 1993 I heard the song “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” and immediately had to rush out to buy the album.  If you want to relive some memories and watch the video you can check it out here.

While I got the album (in CD – no digital downloads back in the day!) I instantly fell in love with so many other songs.  The song that I bought the album for quickly became one of my least favorite, not because it was bad, but because of how awesome the other songs were.  As I listened to the lyrics and heard the stories I could totally get what they were singing about.  In a twisted way, they almost sing what my brain is thinking.

One of my favorite tracks is “God Shuffled His Feet.”  In the track God pulls a bunch of his people together for a picnic and chills with them.  As soon as they start relaxing they hit Him up with questions.  He shares a story to help them see the folly of the questions they’re asking Him (it involves a boy with blue hair – which is why it popped into my head today).  They don’t like the answer and ask if that was a parable or a very subtle joke.

They cover things from aging (Afternoons & Coffee Spoons), to introspection, to the dangers of messing with loosening inhibitions (Two Knights and Maidens).  

Another that always makes me smile is “The Psychic.”  When I listen to it I chuckle because every thought and question he poses in the song are exactly the same as questions I’ve thought to myself while imagining what I would ask a “real” psychic (not saying that I believe in them, but I imagine a lot about a lot of things I don’t believe in – just cuz it ain’t real doesn’t mean that I don’t have questions about it!).  It is just spot on with the way my brain works!

Anytime a song of their’s pops into my head I have to fire that old album up, and if I’m alone, I’ll sing my ass off and smile the whole time!  How can I not be thankful for that?


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