Day 142 – Thankful for Letting Kids Be Kids

When it was Dominic’s turn for a haircut from Kathy tonight he decided that he wanted to go with blue hair.  Seriously?  Like, for reals?  Yup, he wanted blue hair.  Maybe we could pick up some temporary dye and you could try it out and then decide to get it really dyed.  Nope, he wanted it really dyed blue.

I don’t know why, but I kept thinking that he shouldn’t do it.  Maybe he wouldn’t like it.  Maybe his friends wouldn’t like it.  Maybe other kids might give him a hard time about it.  Maybe…  

Maybe I should chill out on the “maybes” and let him try it.  Maybe every thought that went through my head was an indictment of my own insecurities that have held me back from doing things.  Maybe I would be happier if I just did the things that I wanted without worrying about what others would think, after all, when I’ve done that I’ve been at my happiest.

Maybe he’s being a kid and part of being a kid is figuring out things like seeing what you like.  Maybe he will be more willing to take a risk knowing that almost everything in life is temporary.  Maybe he’ll learn that if he does what makes him happy he’ll be happier, regardless of what others think.  Maybe he just needs to see that he has some freedom and is learning to be more independent…

Maybe his mom will kill me if I let him do it!  “Becky, you’re cool with Dominic dying his hair blue, right?”  Whew!!!

All those thoughts, all that personal bought and insight all in the quick flash of hearing “I want to dye my hair blue.”  At the end of the day, he’s a kid and I want him to be a kid and live life like a kid.  Gavin wants a mohawk?  Dominic wants blue hair?  I’m kind of jealous and wish I would’ve done it when I was a kid!

I’m thankful that I remembered to let the kid be a kid today and do the things that make him happy, and I’m thankful that he reminded me to do the same!


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