Day 147 – Thankful for Exploring a New City

Hey everyone, I’d bet you’ll never guess what city I was able to tour today for the first time…


I spent the better part of today touring San Francisco with some of my work teammates and was able to get to know the history of the city.  Riding on a tour bus with a guide who’s fifth generation born and raised in San Francisco was a pretty incredible experience.  There was a lot to take in, from iconic sights like the Golden Gate Bridge to the culture to the history of the city to the homes of some of its richest residents.  In some cases it fit my preconceived expectations and in others it was very different.

Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to explore many new places.  In each of those cases there’s always a lesson that I’ve picked up, a new idea that I’ve had, or I’ve found different way of looking at something in life.  I wonder what that will be from this trip?  Regardless of that answer, this is one of the reasons I love travel so much.  There’s the opportunity to explore something new, a chance to see something else that helps me understand myself better.  It gives me an opportunity to see something new and see how it may be related to past experiences or how it can tie random thoughts and ideas together.  I know my brain sees patterns so well that I can see them even when there isn’t one to see (& that’s not always a good thing!), having the opportunity to experience new things gives me a bigger set of data to compare things to and against.  It provides more examples and ideas.  It gives me a wider view of life from a new perspective.  Today I was able to see more and widen that perspective, and for that I am incredibly thankful!


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