Day 123 – Thankful for My Boys Still Being Snuggly

Earlier today I was chilling on the couch and Gavin bounced up and over me and insisted that I read the great book he had just read.  After some negotiations we ended up snuggling up and reading the book together (in fairness, it was pretty excellent!).  I thoroughly enjoyed spending some time snuggled up and relaxing with him.


At church tonight we sat in our typical Kreiling formation, Gavin on the left followed by Becky, me, and Dominic.  Part way through the mass I noticed Dominic starting to snuggle in on my right.  That lasted through most of the service, at least until we got into another Kreiling tradition…  the little elbow pushing and foot stomping that takes place at the end when we’re all getting a little stir crazy from sitting still.  I would have taken a picture of Dominic and I snuggling, but Becky instituted a “No Photos, No Autographs” rule after I sat next to former Brewer Damien Miller one Sunday. 🙂   Regardless, it was great cuddling up with him.

I know that there isn’t much snuggle time left, they’re both getting older and they’ll both be too cool to do that soon, so I’ll soak up every single moment of it that I can, and I’ll appreciate every snuggle.


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