Day 124 – Thankful for Being Able to Grocery Shop Without the Boys

I really love spending time with my boys, I really do.  Last night I blogged about snuggling with them.  Today I had a lot of fun playing games with them.  I really love spending time with them.

That said, while Becky and I were at the grocery store together I saw something that just made me smile.  We left the boys at home as we’ve done occasionally and it was just the two of us walking through the produce aisle.  In front of us was a family pushing two carts and had one of their kids seated in each of them.  As they caught my eye I saw Mom looking stressed, the daughter looking a little tired, Dad was a little frazzled, and the son had just thrown his toy on the ground and was crying for his dad to pick it up for him.  I couldn’t help but smile.  As we wove through the aisle our paths crossed a few times and I saw the son throw/drop the toy at least two more times.  You could see the combination of frustration and focused concentration to get the shopping done as quickly as possible on the faces of both of the parents.  As I smiled and went by them I let them know that we left them at home and their life will get easier.  The mom semi smiled and, I think, looked a little hopeful.

As Becky and I talked about it we thought back to how crazy difficult it was to go grocery shopping and how thankful we were when we found out that Festival Foods had a daycare we could drop the boys off at – it was AWESOME!!!  For the longest time we had a standing date night on Friday.  We’d go to Festival, drop the boys off, and slowly, ever so slowly, traipsing down every single aisle, consuming as much time as we could, having peaceful conversation and escaping the real world.  Yup, date night at the grocery store…  How’s that for romance?  Stay back ladies, I’m taken! 🙂  In our own way it was so peaceful to have a little time to ourselves as opposed to the chaos of our lives following us to the grocery store.

So today I am thankful for being able to grocery shop without the boys.  They love the freedom (and the ability to play video games without us being home), and we also love the freedom of having a little alone time.  If you have small kids and you see me smiling, I’m not laughing at your frustration, I’m enjoying the memories and thankful that we can go grocery shopping without the boys.



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