Day 115 – Thankful for the Anticipation of an Epic Weekend

About four months in the making, the time has come.  Challenges have been offered, challenges have been accepted.  Plans have been made, changed, changed and are now set.  Insults have been hurled, mud has been slung, and it’s time to back up the talk.  Time to live up to the hype.

This weekend a small handful of my best friends and I will get together for a weekend of awesomeness.  There is no question that this will be one of those times that reality absolutely crushes the high expectations.

Over the past week there’ve been several hundred emails exchanged and it’s been like an awesome extension of the weekend.  I’m sure I’ll be thankful for this weekend in a future post, but today I’m thankful for the anticipation of it.  Getting primed and ready has me smiling like a crazy twenty year old and the past week has been like a few bonus hours of time together.

While the craziness will be very tame compared to our younger days I can’t wait for the weekend to begin!!!



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