Day 116 – Thankful for Reliving the College Years

Oh yeah, the weekend of reliving college years is in full swing!  I’m typing this at a table filled in pizza boxes, empty soda cans, several varieties of chips, and a lot of geeky gaming supplies as my friends are strewn across the living room watching each other play video games.

True to many a weekend while in college a short 18+ years ago we started out with a lively day/night of going to breweries, eating and having a couple of drinks at one of our old haunts, and staying up late talking in a bar.  As was the norm back in the day today has been relatively chill as we all recuperate.  In the past it was usually a little bit of a hangover holding me back, now at 40 it’s due to my body not liking the short night of sleep and total change to diet I’ve had in the past 24 hours.

This afternoon and evening we’ve gone back to our typically nerdy ways and have been playing a ton of games and chilling while talking some smack, though significantly less than yesterday.


In many ways it feels like I just went back in time a couple of decades.  We’ve jumped right back into our old jokes and traditions just like it was the late ’90s.  Back in the day I thought that we were almost living the dream in a weekend like this.  Today I realize that while I am having a blast and enjoying the time with the guys it is a welcome respite to reality.  I’m having a lot of fun but in the back of my head I’m missing Becky and the boys. There’ll be plenty of time for me to spend with them soon, but as compared to wishing weekends like this would last forever I’m realizing that I now love them as a chance to spend a moment with my great friends, my brothers.

Soon I’ll be home and back to my reality, one that I truly consider living the dream, but for these past couple of days it has been awesome to go back to living the college days with my friends (and kind of feel like I’m living in an episode of Big Bang Theory!).


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