Day 114 – Thankful for Days In Which I Can’t Pick Just One

From the point that Becky woke me up to the point that I’m typing this in Kathy’s massage chair it has been a pretty epic day.  There’s been so much to be thankful for that I keep starting to type, then pause, then delete, then start to type, pause, delete, repeat…

There’ve been a lot of good things like getting a warmer weather run in with Becky early in the morning.  Seeing team members show strengths that help our team move forward.  A conversation that blew my mind and got more  seeds of dreams planted (I am pretty sure some of them have already taken root!).  There were many moments of happiness with team members, so many reasons to be so proud of them.  A fun and unexpected conversation with a mentor on the ride home.  A humorous and perfectly timed text string with another mentor.  A little bit of quiet time to be lost in thought and start planning on how to make dreams reality.  A few minutes at home alone with Dominic to shoot the bull.  Hundreds of texts with friends prepping for our epic weekend.  Hanging out with Kathy as she cuts my hair (all 12 of them!).  Laughing at Gavin’s comments while he gets his hair cut.  Knowing that I’ll be at home snuggled up with Becky soon.

While there’s been a lot of awesome to be thankful for there’s also been some tough things.  Something happened that reminded me to give my boys an extra hug and have a conversation with them about some more grown up topics when they get a little older.  I’m thankful that I have them in my life and that I have the time to have that conversation with them.  

I helped out in an office and tagged in as the front desk person for a while.  It was totally out of my comfort zone, caused me to fall behind in other projects, and reminded me that it is the role I am least suited for.  I’m very thankful to have stepped into that role today, it helped me see our business from the eyes of my teammates, a perspective I sometimes miss, misunderstand, or don’t fully appreciate.  This experience will stick in my brain for a long time and help me work better with my team and I’m grateful for that.
So while there were many ups and a few downs there were many reasons to be thankful – so many that they get rolled into one blog! 😉



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