Day 113 – Thankful for the Successes of My Teammates

I really enjoy the feeling of my personal successes.  It’s pretty awesome to stand on top of a mountain of an accomplishment and look at all the hard work that I’ve put in to make the success happen.  That said, today was filled with a different type of happiness that has been cooler than my own personal accomplishment…  The successes of my teammates.  In two cases in particular (though there were more than just these two) really stuck out for me.

Nicole has been busting her butt trying to get a very large new account in Rice Lake.  As of this morning she found out she had won it.  She called me up and was incredibly pumped!!!  It was so rewarding to hear the sheer excitement and bliss in her voice as shared the good news.  I just sat back and smiled, listening with pride in every word she said.

Later in the day I was able to jump on a zone-wide training call with over 100 participants.  To kick off the call Carolyn was asked to share her Express story and brag up what her team has accomplished over the past year.  Her passion and excitement for what she has done was very clear to all of us on the call.  She’s not one to brag, but you could hear the pride she has for her team and their successes in her voice as she answered the moderator’s questions.  I just sat back and smiled, listening with pride in every word she said.

In both of these cases I had to fight back a tear of pride, I am so happy for them in their accomplishments.  It was particularly rewarding as I know how incredibly hard they’ve both worked to to get there.  They’ve both put in tremendous time and energy to reach their achievements, they’ve both made sacrifices to achieve.  I found it very fitting that a little while back Nicole shared one of my all time favorite quotes, the one below:


Thank you also to all of my other teammates that had a positive impact in my day today through their successes: Katie, Angie, Leanne, Rebecca, Jenn, Nicole, Autumn, and Sammi.  While you may not have thought much about something that you did today, you all put a smile on my face for one reason or another today and for that I am grateful.

To circle back to where I started, I really enjoy it when I am successful.  My heart is filled when I see the successes of my teammates.



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