Day 99 – Thankful for Signs of Progress

There are some days that go by and I wonder if I’m really making any progress.  Those are the days when I feel like I’m on a treadmill, I know I’m getting a workout but I’m not getting anywhere.  No matter how hard I push and drive it seems like I’m standing still.  

At a gut level I know I’m moving forward on those days.  I’m putting in effort, learning, growing, and getting stronger.  The grit is being used and even though the immediate reward of attaining a goal isn’t there, I just know it will be.

Today was different.  When I pause and reflect on the day I’m very thankful to have seen signs of progress.  We’re starting to move the dial in one location.  Another won a client that we’ve been working on for a really long time.  Another had the phone ring with good news, more good news, and yet more good news.  So many signs of progress in all of them.  

Then there’s my team and I see signs of continued progress.  Learning new sales skills, seeing opportunity that may not have been seen before.  Making progress towards our vision through our values.  Gritting out a tough conversation with a client because it is the right thing to do.  Taking time to ask questions and learn as we should with a growth mindset.  All around, many signs of progress.

As I think about the day I can also see signs of personal progress.  Seeing things a little differently.  Handling certain things a little better.  Little wind that show that I’m making progress.

Sometimes it nice to see hard work paying off through little signs of making progress.



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