Day 100 – Thankful for the Porch in Hawaii


Today’s post was already written in my head on my drive home.  It was going to be a little dark, introspective, maybe even bordering on brooding.  There was something that really caught me off guard in a moment of self reflection and I was thankful for the realization.  That was the plan for today’s blog…  but sometimes I find it is better to go off script. 🙂

After getting home and eating supper quickly Becky and I headed over to Root Down for a nice little hot yoga date.  The heat felt great, I was feeling more relaxed and flexible than usual, and it was exactly what the doctor ordered.  As the session wrapped up and I was laying on my back with my eyes closed, relaxed and focused on my slow and easy breathing…

Next thing I knew I was on the porch in Hawaii with Becky a few years back.  The ocean air was lightly blowing in my face.  We were relaxed on the reclining deck chair, snuggled up, not doing anything.  Sitting, relaxing, taking in the slowly darkening sky over rolling ocean waves.  Not thinking about the future or the past, just soaking in every possible second of the present.  There was no stress, no worry, no responsibility, only the moment.  The palm trees slowly swaying with the breeze, the only sounds the water folding in upon itself and on the rocks surrounding the champagne pools.  It was paradise, perfection, and home.


One moment I was there again tonight, and then I was brought back to now as the instructor told us to start moving our fingers and toes.  Back to real life, back to reality.  But for a moment, all was right in the world and I was in my own personal heaven.  For that moment of bliss I am incredibly thankful.

When I leave this life if anyone wants to see me, check out the porch in Kapoho…  I’ll be there.



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