Day 98 – Thankful for Small Weekly Goals

Yes, it’s a new year, time to review and reset goals for the year, right?  Seems like when I do that I have great ideas that turn a little scary when I think about all that it will take to accomplish them.  As soon as I write it down I can see the hours and reduction in free time getting in the way of the other things in life that I love.  I see choices and sacrifices to be made in order to hit this grand goal.  Maybe I think that it’s worthwhile and I push forward…  but after time it gets tough to keep pushing and I get too tired to grit it out.  Don’t worry, I still know that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, I’m going to try it a little differently this year.

I’ve still got some big goals to accomplish and some dreams to get started, but this year I am breaking it down month by month and week by week.  One of the things that I’m already finding helpful is setting small weekly goals that lead me step by step to my big goals.  Most everyone else probably already does this and I’m just a little slow to the party, but so far so good!

It feels a little old school to go back to using a paper planner of all things, but the way this thing is laid out seems to be custom made for me and I’m loving it so far.


It’s a little step, but using this approach and taking small steps towards my goals has the possibility of being a big help in my 2017!



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