Day 97 – Thankful for a Day Off with Becky

Oh the dream that is being retired…  It is something that seems pretty awesome when I talk with people who are living it.  Obviously I have a long ways to go before I get there, but I got a nice little taste of it today.  Becky and I both had the day off for the holiday and the boys had a school day.  It was AWESOME!!!


After the boys headed off to school Becky and I went to yoga.  From there we grabbed coffee, and took the dogs for a walk.  We got a few things done around the house, ate lunch and relaxed, and eventually ended up on the couch and started watching It’s a Wonderful Life while snuggling up together.

After a while Dominic got home and Becky ran the boys around while I made supper.  After supper a couple of more tasks (laundry, dishes, picking up Dominic, and what not).  Now we’re all chilling on the couch watching the end of Mythbusters.  Once the boys go to bed we’ll finish our movie and get to bed relatively early.

All the weekends of Christmas have been great and appreciated, but it was nice to just have a day to the two of us (for the most part).  Back to reality tomorrow, but today it was nice to have a day off to enjoy each other’s company.



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