Day 93 – Thankful for If at first you don’t succeed, fail, fail again… In slightly different ways… Until you’re successful

Day 93 – Thankful for If at first you don’t succeed, fail, fail again…  In slightly different ways…  Until you’re successful

The upside of failing is something that I am hugely thankful for today. 

Let me take a step back, today has been awesome.  Many great things to be thankful for ranging from awesome and unexpected compliments from team members, sharing in the successes of other team members, celebrating huge wins with other team members, working on projects to help my teams, having time for self-reflection, and spending time with my boys at home watching MythBusters while Becky gets a haircut.  Tons of good stuff!

So why talk about failing on a fantastic day like this?  Because failing is awesome!  Obviously, I’d always rather succeed, but it’s impossible to be successful at everything the first time.  Failing means that you tried something beyond your skill set.  You didn’t stay in a safe place or in your comfort zone.  You tried something you’d never done and took on something with a chance of failure.  You worked on growing.

The second part of failing is getting off your ass, learning what went wrong, and trying something slightly different.  You aren’t scared of failing again and you don’t let your fear stop you from trying again.  It is all about the grit!

Last year I failed in my attempt to be a TEDx speaker.  This year I’m trying a different approach to get in.  Maybe I’ll be successful, maybe not.  If not, I’ll brush myself off, try something different, and try again for a different TEDx talk.

Throughout the day there were several reminders of times that I’ve failed.  In some cases I’ve since figured out how to be successful.  In others I’ve failed again and I go back to the drawing board again, asking for help and coaching. 

The boys and I are watching MythBusters and the entire episode has been a lesson in failing forward.  Have a theory, try it, see what happens, fail, review the failure, re-design the theory or process, and try again…  Over and over, not getting frustrated, just continuing to look for ways to be successful until things work out.  How great of a lesson is that for the boys?

So today I’m thankful for if at first I don’t succeed, fail, fail again, in slightly different ways, until I’m successful.


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