Day 94 – Thankful for Bringing the Boys to Work

Over the past couple of days I’ve had a few memories from past years popping up on Facebook.  In years past when the boys were off of school for Christmas week we would have a few Dad & Son Days.  Due to my work schedule I had decided not to take time off with them this year and let them chill at home.  The more pics I saw pop up from past years the more I realized that I may have been wrong.

Knowing that I was only working a half day today I asked the boys on a whim last night if they would like to spend the day at work with me.  I was surprised and overwhelmed when they both immediately answered “Yes!”  It was pretty awesome and totally made my night.

So this morning I woke the boys up early and we headed out to the office…  stopping off at McDonald’s for breakfast on the road.  We enjoyed watching the sunrise paint the Mississippi River pinkish purple to our east as we headed north, talking the whole time.

At the office the boys helped me out with handing out paychecks and greeting associates.  After some good morning’s to co-workers as they came in the boys went into my office to help me out with some math.  They both helped me total up some info off of a report and we were able to learn some cool math tricks along the way.  After that they got busy doing some homework and reading.  For the most part it went pretty well, I only had to help Gavin focus a couple of times as I was getting things done. 🙂


It was pretty awesome to have them in the office with me hearing me on the phone, seeing what I do, and hearing me talk to myself as I worked on a couple of projects.  Even though we weren’t necessarily working together there was something very peaceful about having them in the office with me.  In a crazy kind of way I felt like I was more productive than usual because I wanted to set a great example for them.

As the day went on we headed out, ran some errands, picked up lunch on the road, talked on the way home, and then played a quick game before packing up to head out.  While it may not have been the most exciting Dad & Son Day ever, it felt great and I appreciated the time with them.  I’m glad I had enough reminders to help me realize how to really make it an awesome day!


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