Day 92 – Thankful for Monopoly with Gavin

It’s nice knowing that regardless of how crazy, busy, long, or stressful the work day will be there’s always my family ready to chill and spend time with me at home.

Tonight Becky took Dominic to futsol (indoor soccer) so it was just me and my best-est buddy.  The stresses of the day dissolved away and we were lost in enjoying an epic game of Monopoly!

We had fun, we joked around, we had some life lessons, and enjoyed each other’s company…  exactly what the doctor ordered.  True to Gavin form you’ll notice that he’s either totally hamming it up or in a blur in his perpetual state of motion!  How can I be in anything but a good mood when I’m playing a game with guy???

I’m very thankful to have times like this.


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