Day 91 – Thankful for Things that I Keep to Myself

Today’s blog probably won’t be the most viewed post ever, nor is it will it be one of the longest or most insightful.  Today’s blog is a very honest one, and one that I’ve put much thought into over the past 15 months.

There are a few reasons why I share this blog publicly as opposed to keeping it as a private journal.  It keeps me accountable to writing everyday, or at least it did…  Now it just feels like natural habit.  Another reason it is public is that I want to share some of these things that involve other people like my post about Rachel a couple of days ago.  It gives me an avenue to show my appreciation to those individual.  The last reason I share it is my hope that each day it sparks someone’s appreciation for something in their lives that they may have overlooked had they not read that day’s blog.  Knowing that there’s the occasional smile or happy memory remembered makes me smile.

So while I am almost always honest about what I mention as the thing I am thankful for that day there’s a day every once in a while when I really wanted to mention something, but for one reason or another I didn’t want to share it.  Maybe it was too private or too personal.  It might have been something that I just didn’t want other people to know.  Sometimes it may have been something that I didn’t want to bring attention to.  Whatever the case, it is for those things that I am thankful for today.

Today has held a number things that I am very thankful for that I would rather keep to myself.  That doesn’t mean I appreciate them any less, it just means that I’d rather appreciate each of them without sharing them.  My apologies for not sharing them, you’ll just have to trust me.



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