Day 90 – Thankful for a Productive AND Relaxing Day at Home

In the middle of the non-stop action that is the holidays it is a blessing to get a day that involves no agenda, no work, no anything.  Today was that day!

It was also made all the better by getting some homemade treats delivered by our neighbor Elaine.  There were a lot more on the plate when she dropped them off.  Thanks again Elaine!!!


Starting off with getting over ten hours of sleep and now ending with some time on the couch with Becky looking at future vacation ideas.  I was able to get a couple of projects done that were relaxing and yet rewarding.  The only time I left the house was to get some supplies from Menards, and the majority of the time I was able to work in peaceful quiet.

There was some family time mixed in, but it was nice to be productive, chill, and just have nothing going on that HAD to be done.  Tomorrow is back to reality and getting together with some friends, today was that nice peaceful oasis that I should remember to schedule into each holiday season.


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