Day 81 – Thankful for Everyone Who Watched Out for Me Yesterday

Normally I wait until later in the day to post.  I also usually write about something that happened that day.  Today I’m going a little off script because I’m very thankful for something that happened several times yesterday and that still has me smiling today.

Yesterday was a great day.  Many thing we’re accomplished, my task list was almost completed, and I felt excellent!  As I rewind through the day there were many times that someone was watching out for me.  It happened a lot, but there are a few highlights that stick out:

  • Someone reminding me to take pride in what I’ve been building over the past few years.
  • Someone helping me notice a little thing that I could do that would be a big thing for someone else.
  • Someone reminding me to keep my long term dreams in mind and find a way to work them into my day.
  • Someone knowing that I enjoy public speaking and training who contacts me to ask about presenting in March.
  • My dad making sure I know what to expect with the roads and making sure we only traveled if it was safe. 
  • Becky supporting me constantly. 🙂

It’s a great feeling to know that others are watching out for me and trying to help me be successful.  While I didn’t list every single  thing out please know that I appreciated all of those moments yesterday.  They warmed my soul and I’m hoping that at some point I can do the same for each of you.



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