Day 80 – Thankful for Being a Big Kid Always

The joys of never completely growing up and having an inner 13 year old ready to bust out of his 40 year self are great things…  even though it may mean a welt or two.

Tonight the boys got spring loaded paintball guns as presents from Grandpa Pete and Grandma Nancy at their Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Nick’s house.  Being the cool aunt and uncle they are they decided, against reasonable judgement, to let the boys try them out in the basement.


After shooting at plywood for a while we moved on to aiming for a can.  After a while and a very short conversation, Nick and I went back to being kids and let each other have it.  Giggling and having a blast the whole time we went back in time about 25-30 years and were goofing off like we always did, my dad goading us both on the entire time.  The only difference was that the boys were joining in and having a ton of fun with us.

While I know I need to put the game face on for work sometimes it is so relaxing to unwind and let the big kid out and throw caution and responsibility to the wind.  



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