Day 82 – Thankful for the First of the Three Family Christmas Weekends

There are some benefits to having a larger than traditional family, you get to celebrate more times than normal.  This weekend was the first of three straight family Christmas weekends – celebrating with Dad and Nancy, and my brother Nick, his wife Jennifer, and their two awesome girls, Sela and Lauren.  We beat the worst of the weather out on Friday and had an excellent weekend in Green Bay.

First things first, I am pretty sure I could go the next month or so without eating, Jenn kept us incredibly well fed.  Her cooking was AWESOME!!!   Every meal tasted ridiculously awesome, there were times that I went back for thirds.  As Dominic put it, “she should quit her job and be on TV on cooking shows!”  The desserts were fantastic as well, Nancy had a great selection of cookies and Jenn made quite possibly one of the most perfect lemon bars I’ve ever had in my life.  Outstanding!

The time with family was greatly appreciated.  While there were many activities ranging from seeing the new Star Wars movie, shooting paintballs in the basement, and walking through the light display, some of the best moments were as we were all just chilling on the couch shooting the bull.  Nothing crazy, nothing structured, just pure chillaxin’ with family.  I may have stayed up a little too late with Nick and Sela last night as they successfully attempted to get me hooked on a new TV show (Stranger Things), but it was well worth it!  Feeling a little extra tired the next day is well worth the fun we had talking while watching the show.

This weekend had everything that I hope for in a family Christmas, it was a great way to kick off three weekends of family Christmas!



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