Today has been very fun AND relaxing AND productive AND included creativity AND time with the boys AND time alone AND time with friends AND had memorable phrases AND was filled with child wonderment.  Oh yeah, AND it had pizza…  lots of pizza. 😄

The boys and I had a lot of fun working on a project together for a card game we like to play with each other.  It included working with exacto knives, using creativity and included troubleshooting.  We’re not done yet, but had fun working together to make progress.  Each of us helped each other and we worked together pretty well.

We each had a list of things to get done, and we had time working alone to get things done. It was particularly rewarding for me as I had just enough alone work time to finish the bathroom remodel.  It’s all done!

The boys and I were engaged in conversation the whole time we ate lunch (pizza) and we had a lot of fun fake Christmas shopping at Toys R Us to help out with ideas for each other.

We met up with Steve for supper and had a chance to have some guy time to balance out the boys time.  We all had fun AND pizza!

While driving home we got into a pretty deep conversation about Santa.  Dominic is so awesome with Gavin when we get on the topic that I can’t help but smile.  This conversation was focused on how Santa can eat a couple of bites of cookies in every house.  Then our logical math selves came out and tried to figure out what the competitive eating equivalent would be.

The night ended with back to back Adam Sandler movies – Happy Gilmore and Big Daddy.  They loved them!  We just chilled on the couch and laughed together.  

That’s why I’m thankful for a day full of AND today, there was just so much!  Even with Becky being gone it was like she was here as there were random texts timed just right so that it seemed like she was here for part of the day.  So many ANDs, and I’m thankful for all of them.



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