LOL – I should’ve written this earlier when I was more thankful for it. 😂  Now it’s late, they’ve worn me out, and I’m enjoying a quiet moment on the couch.

First things first, I love spending time with Becky.  I enjoy spending time with her and the boys most, but once in a while it’s nice to chill with my boys only.  This weekend she is out with friends and the boys and I are enjoying ourselves.

When we have weekends like this I try to find ways to make the weekends memorable.  I’m pretty sure that this will be one for the ages!  We’re doing the 1st Annual Pizza Tour of La Crosse.  While Becky is gone every meal, and I mean every meal, is going to be pizza.  Yup, steady diet of pizza.  We’ve got five places picked out and some back ups in case we need them.

Tonight we started with Carbone’s…  and ended with a snack pizza from Little Caesar’s.

Poor Dominic wasn’t feeling too hot for a little while, but he umm…  worked something out and felt much better.

In addition to pizza we have a couple of crafty type projects we’re working on.  Thrown in finishing the kits for the boxes we’re making for Cub Scouts and it will be a pretty busy weekend.

One of the most surprisingly satisfying moments tonight was listening to them play the Wii together.  They were just playing, they were on the same team, helping each other out, playing to each other’s strengths, and complimenting each other.  They were laughing, smiling, and just enjoying each other’s company.  That put a huge smile on my face and took a few moments to let it sink in.

I’ll be happy for Becky to be home in a couple of days, but I’ll also enjoy the time I have alone with the boys…  but don’t be surprised if I’m a little tired of pizza!



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