Day 72 – Thankful for My Sense of Smell

My grandma Lamping never smelled too good.  Seriously!  For those of you who never had the opportunity to meet my grandma you probably are thinking that I’m the worst grandson ever, but I know she’s shaking her head, smiling and saying “Michael,”  in the voice that I remember so well.  That was actually one of my favorite long running jokes with her.  I can’t remember how or why, but she couldn’t smell very well, hence the joke.

This past Saturday Becky and I ran past a field that was being bulldozed and the smell of fresh topsoil filled my nose.  I LOVE that smell!  It is amongst my favorite smells in the entire world.  Mix that with the smell of chainsaw cutting through pine and you have one of my favorite smell combination ever.  (the favorite being fresh lava mixed with ocean air)


Over the past week I’ve had several smells that I’ve come across that have really caught my attention or brought back memories.  In some cases the smells brought back memories of other smells that I can remember without actually smelling them.  That’s when I realized just how much I appreciate one of my least appreciated senses.  Today I’m thankful for the following smells and the memories they bring:

  • Stained wood – while I’m a little tired of the smell at the moment it makes me think of being home as a kid.  It seemed like my mom and dad were always in the middle of staining something.
  • Grandparents’ Houses – this one probably sounds a little weird, but it is well intended.  I’m not sure if it was candles, smelly things, or what, but each of their houses had a distinct smell and I can picture it (or smell it) perfectly in memory.  At the Lampings it was a whole house smell and in the Kreilings it was a smell near their dresser.  I’ve tried writing and rewriting the last couple of sentences in a way that didn’t make it sound stinky or weird, but I’m struggling as it wasn’t either, it was a very pleasant smell in both cases.
  • Cleaning Guns – I can’t imagine that I smelled this very often in my life, but the smell of the oil used stills is cataloged in my head and brings back happy memories.  Weird how the memory works, isn’t it?
  • Rain and Fall – Both of these smells bring me happiness every time I breathe them in.
  • Lava and Ocean Air – Ahh…  Pure bliss…  I still swear that the smell of lava is truly unique and unlike any other smell I’ve encountered.
  • Fresh Lumber – Another reminder of being home as a kid.  It brings back lingering memories of being home and doing wood work.

While there are many times in which I wish I didn’t smell too good either (usually when I am with my boys in a car or other enclosed spaces), I’m very happy to have a working sniffer.  It may be the least appreciated sense that I have, but when I take time to think about it there is much happiness and many memories brought on by it.  For that I am thankful.



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