Day 75 – Thankful for Pizza Weekend

As I type this the last of the leftover pizza is being consumed for supper.  The boys and I had a mission and it has been completed…  Pizza for EVERY meal over the course of the weekend.  Challenge accepted and successfully completed.  Eight straight meals consisting of pizza.  And it was more awesome than I imagined!

We started with pizza fries and a chicken bacon ranch pizza at Carbone’s.

Then we had “Second Supper,” a Deep Deep Dish bacon pizza with a cheese and pepperoni stuffed crust from Little Caesars.

Breakfast on Saturday was the leftovers from the two suppers.

Lunch was a bacon and lettuce pizza from Pizza Corral.

Supper was one of the boys’ favorites, a buffet of totally random pizzas from Pizza Doctors.

Sunday breakfast was the remnants of Pizza Corral.

We saved the pizza place that started this idea for last, Rocky Rococo’s.  Gavin got some coupons for free breadsticks from Santa last weekend and that started this crazy idea.  It was Super Slices all around (& a bunch of breadsticks).

The last leftovers were taken down for supper tonight.

While I could honestly care less about the pizza, my personal goal was accomplished…  to make a very memorable weekend for the boys.  Mission accomplished!  



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