Day 40 – Thankful for Shooting Guns From Grandpas

In order to get Dominic prepped and ready for hunting in the next couple of weeks we needed to get my old rifle sighted in for him.  Special thanks to my buddy Steve for taking us out to his parents’ farm to help us out.

After a very scenic hour long drive to just outside of Hillsboro we unpacked the rifles and got everything situated.  Steve did an excellent job of helping to keep the boys safe and coach them on shooting.  Dominic started with a .22 and then worked his way up to my Mini 30 and Gavin got in a couple of shots on a BB gun and then the .22.  Both boys did pretty well!


If you look closely you can see the smoke and the casing flying through the air!


Once the boys were done I was able to use two guns that I had not used in a very long time, two guns that mean a ton to me.  One is my grandpa’s old hunting rifle, the other is my other grandpa’s old BB gun.  In the case of both of them there was definitely a feel of nostalgia and a wave of awesome old memories of both of my grandpas when I picked each of the guns up.  In both cases I’m pretty sure I had both of them helping me shoot at a least one shot from each (one of the bullseyes was pretty much dead center, I must’ve had some help on that one, even though it was close).

A long time ago my dad made a comment to me about taking a moment to think about the person who gave me something whenever I use it or pick it up.  I still find it interesting that one comment made a long time ago (while building the garage) has stuck with me all this time and keeps ringing in my head when I pick things up.  Just over the past couple of days this has included a watch from Garwood, Packer Super Bowl confetti from my Uncle Frank, and a bottle opener from Rick.

The time that I spent thinking about both of my grandpas, while fleeting as the moment was, has stuck with me and I keep thinking about the two of them during the chaos of the rest of my day and it makes me smile.  It also warms my soul to think that each of them are somewhere up above and probably smiling at seeing me use their guns and remember times I had with them.  At some point down the road (hopefully a long ways off!) I’m excited to be with them again, give them big hugs, and tell them thanks for helping me shoot today.



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