Day 41 – Thankful for My Winona Team

I love all of my teams, I really do.  Today I am especially thankful for my Winona team.  Coming back in from vacation I got the chance to spend the day with them as I was prepping for the next training event.  Even though I was focused on other offices for much of the time it was just a great feeling to be in the office with them.


Between early morning updates on what’s going on in the area to our one on one conversations to our team meeting to the short conversations in between there was a great feeling of being back in my work home with them today.  As I’m heading out for training and won’t be in that office again for a few days it was great to get re-centered with them.

I’m not sure that they believe me, but I really did miss them over the past week or so and was excited to spend time with them today.  I probably don’t say it enough, but I truly appreciate the stability they bring to my professional life on a daily basis.  Their hard work is greatly appreciated!



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