Day 39 – Thankful for Slow Dancing with Becky at Weddings

This was a tough day to decide on what to blog about, so much to be thankful for from sleeping in to great neighbors to getting the new washer and dryer installed to seeing old friends and remembering forgotten memories.

Our friend John got married tonight and we had a great time at the ceremony and reception.  The reception was in a remodeled barn that looked pretty awesome.

While chilling with friends we hit the usual string of events…  first dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance, and then the dance for all married couples.  Just like clockwork at pretty much every wedding we’ve gone to Becky and I go into our normal routine and I absolutely love it.

First comes her huge smile and asking me to dance which is always followed by a fake eye roll and fake groan from me.  Next she “drags” me out onto the dance floor and we wrap our arms around each other.  Right about then the rest of the world melts away and time stops.  We smile at each other and then kiss, smile then kiss, and usually smile then kiss again.  It goes from eye contact to snuggling with our head next to each other and back and forth.  At some point Becky makes a comment about how cool the wedding was and how happy the couple seems, and I, of course, retort that they haven’t been married long enough to know better.  We laugh, we kiss.  One of us will comment on the song, tonight it was me talking about how the song reminded me of the episode of Yes Dear when Rascal Flats was singing for Jimmy and his wife.  By now we’ve usually gotten close to a couple we know well and I’ll either make a bad joke or “accidentally” run into them.  Becky smiles and giggles every single time and gives me a fake disapproving look.  The song is usually wrapping up about now so we snuggle in, hold each other tight, kiss a couple of more times, smile and stare into each other’s eyes, and then wrap it up with another kiss.

It may be routine, but I love every second of it. Rarely do we have a moment when everything else is completely irrelevant, the only thing that matters is each other.  I am thankful for every wedding reception we go to and secretly (not so much anymore I guess) wait for the chance for us to get our slow dance in.



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