Day 38 – Thankful for a Successful Vacation

Just hopped on the last flight, almost home.  It’s been a very successful vacation.  The blood pressure is down lower than when we left, that’s a success in my book!  The boys certainly change the complexion of  of vacation, a little more stress, different activities, and maybe even a broken toe due to yelling at one of the boys. 😉  Regardless, it was a success, many new memories were made, many old ones remembered, and ideas for new ones created!

While this is probably where I would add a picture and cut it short I’ve decided to do something different.  Seeing as I’ve become a big fan of reading my posts a year after they were written I’m going to help future me out on this one and give a quick day by day reminder and pic…

  • Friday: Walk to the airport, get offered rides, have the first flight out of LSE for the boys, experience rush hour LA traffic, realize we flew halfway across the country to eat at a Cubs bar, and then walk Balboa Park.

    • Saturday:  Head out to the ocean, have an awesome crepe breakfast, touch the Pacific Ocean, play in tide pools, have crabs in shell races, and chill.

      • Sunday:  Early morning drive to Universal Studios, experience Hogwarts in person, realize how cool it can be to get stuck on a ride for 10 minutes because you get a front of the line password for other rides all day, watch some cool stunts, spend an hour driving around to see the “HOLLYWOOD” sign, and head back to the hotel.

        • Monday:  Take our time getting moving, head out on the Pacific Coast Highway, drive up the coast, find sea lions after much searching, realize how much we hate driving in the LA metro, and go to the Channel Islands Visitor Center.

          • Tuesday:  Ahh…  Channel Islands…  awesome boat ride out, found out Gavin is my “Adventure Vacation Buddy” because he loves standing outside on the front of the ship, get surrounded by dolphins (which now become Gavin’s favorite animal, sorry prairie dogs), kayak through caves, Dominic got to see his seals live and in person, had a great hike, ate sushi, and headed back.

            • Wednesday:  Sleep in, eat a great breakfast including cookies, hike in nice state park, head back to the ocean, chill at the hotel, watch the Cubs win the World Series in an incredible game 7.

              • Thursday: Joshua Tree National Park!  Number 18 for Becky & I (she’d already been there and hit 18 at Channel Islands – only 41 to go!), saw lots of cactus, climbed many rocks, enjoyed the desert, and chilled.

                • Friday: Slept in, hit the ocean one last time, drove on the 405 one last f-inf time, and had a very calm and relaxing flight home.

                  Fun was had by all, and I’m very thankful we took the time out of our normal lives to experience this trip.  It has been a very successful trip!



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