On a typical Kreiling vacation we pack a ton of stuff into the agenda.  It’s fun, we get to see and do a ton, but sometimes it can leave us feeling a little ragged by the end.  In this vacation we planned a few days that were completely open.  Today’s entire schedule was specifically “ocean.” 

Along the ocean theme we had fun with the boys touching the Pacific Ocean from the US for the first time. After spending a lot of time playing in the waves they started looking for shells and looking around in tide pools for different types of life.  There were crabs, barnacles, fish, snails, and anemones everywhere.  We had so much fun exploring the tide pools that we drove to a second set of them further down the coast.  There may have also been some illegal / underground crabs in snail shell races…

While they were exploring I had a blast both doing the same and watching them enjoy nature.  I’m so thankful that they have an appreciation and interest in the outdoors, nature and science.  It’s something that’s very important to Becky and I so I guess they were probably predestined for the same, but regardless I’m happy that many of our best family memories are tied to exploring nature.



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