Day 31 – Thankful for Nice People Who Restore My Faith in Humanity

This morning we did one of our normal, kinda crazy, travel traditions…  we walked to the airport.  It’s almost exactly one mile from our front door to the entrance of the airport.  Seeing as we are going to be sitting for long periods of time we’ll typically walk to and from the airport every time we fly.  Even when I’m flying alone there’s something very peaceful and relaxing about putting on my headphones, firing up some great music, and walking back to reality.  It’s actually a nice way to transition from travel mode back to reality.

This morning was the first time the boys joined us for this vacation tradition.  They both had their backpacks and Dominic was pulling their wheeled suitcase.  We were having a lot of fun joking around and burning off some of the vacation excitement jitters.  Along the walk there were hundreds of tiny slugs on the ground that held our attention for over half of the hike.

The part that made me smile biggest though was the number of people who stopped and offered us a ride.  Starting with our neighbor Amy and continuing through the couple of cars on their way to the airport and right down to the lady who saw us walk by her house, hopped in her car and offered us a ride, everyone was offering to help.  While we thanked each and let them know we were doing it for fun, we were very appreciative of all of their offers.  How cool is it that so many people were willing to help out random strangers like that?  It was a great reminder of why I should always stop for someone on the side of the road.  Even if they don’t need help you’ll put a smile on their face.



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