Day 33 – Thankful for the Blurred Lines of Reality and Imagination

Ahh, the joys of big city life…  I’m actually typing this while sitting in the 605 in LA as our car idles in Park while we have been completely stopped for over 20 minutes.  LOL, I’ll take the time to blog whenever I can get it!

Today was day full of fun at Universal Studios and I had many memories of our family trip to Universal in Orlando when I was a teen.  While on that trip I was able to experience many new types of rides and learn a lot about how movies are made.  It was a very cool and eye opening experience for me, I had no idea how imagination and reality could be spliced together so incredibly well.  The divide started to be bridged from imagination to movie and then was further closed from movie to ride/experience.  I still have memories from riding in the backseat as we left, dreaming up a sweet new ride that I could build when I was older.

Fast forward to today.  There were so many things that just didn’t seem to be really real, and visiting Hogwarts was a pretty epic start (although the 5:30am drive through Southern California past LA’s skyline with very little other traffic was pretty cool too!).  The attention to detail was amazing and it truly felt like we had stepped into another world.  Not only was the ride fantastic, the whole are had such an incredible magical feeling to it, it felt like we were right there in the Harry Potter books and movies.  From the wands to the stores to the delicious Butter Beer it was spot on.

After more rides that blended imagination and reality we ate lunch and ran into Jenna, the daughter of my past manager at Express.  I hadn’t seen her in about 15 years!  Here we were, halfway across the country in busy amusement park with thousands of people we randomly ran into her, talk about feeling pretty surreal!

As we left the park we decided to try to get a good view of the Hollywood sign.  Thanks to “the Google” we found a route to get a good picture of it.  When that location didn’t work we played it totally by ear and drove around until we saw it.  In that moment of seeing it I experienced yet another moment of reality being a little “off.”  There was a weird feeling of wondering if it was really true that I was seeing it or if it was it part of a dream.  It was a perfectly balanced mix of reality and imagination.



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