Thankful for Back to Awareness, a Very Kreiling Life , & the Mortar of Our Teams

Day 2,773


When I catch myself getting frustrated over something I really shouldn’t be frustrated about I know it is time to go back to Awareness. Within the first several chapters I received the slaps upside the head I needed to get back to the right headspace. Love that book specifically because of uncomfortable I feel when I read it.


Becky and I were just going through some pictures from last year at this time on our drive back from the track meet. At one point Becky started laughing and said “no wonder we’re exhausted all the time!” The amount of life we have packed in as a family has been perfectly and ridiculously us! And I wouldn’t have traded any of it for anything else.


There were several moments with my work teams today in which I was laughing hard and 100% present with them in the moment. In between all the hard work that gets put in the time together bonding and laughing becomes the mortar of our team. Great times!


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