Thankful for Working Ahead, Humanities Homework, & Awareness of the Gap

Day 2,772


Working ahead of schedule reduces a ton of pressure and allows more focus on creativity. Scarcity has its place, but abundance due to efficiency and planning is pretty awesome. The time spent in my retreat continues to pay dividends.


Gavin’s Humanities homework involves reading and analyzing Animal Farm, just as Dominic’s did three years ago. I first read the book when it was assigned to Dominic and we had excellent conversations on the story afterwards. Now Gavin and I will be able to do the same. I really enjoy some of these talks about the book and it’s characters, fun to see where the boys’ heads go too.


Catching myself about to over explain and over coach is frustrating as it was where my brain went first, but was also inspiring as I realized it before the words came out of my mouth. Not perfect but making progress!


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