Thankful for Continuing to Grow, Spending the Day with Becky, & Turkeys Up Close

Day 2,769


Who knew that you could continue falling more and more in love with someone every single day? How awesome that each day gets better than the wonderful day before it!


Spending the day with Becky from start to end was a perfect way to spend our 21st wedding anniversary. From hiking to eating out to talking to sitting outside to spending time with the boys it was a pleasure to have so much time together. A wonderful snapshot of what the past couple of decades of marriage have been like. So thankful she said “I do” 21 years ago!


The turkeys are certainly in the middle of mating season in Madison! We saw so many Toms strutting their stuff trying to find a date 😉. What was really wild was how close they let us get to them before they stepped off the trail for us to walk by. I’d never seen a turkey that close and it was awesome!!! Their faces and feathers shimmered in the sun while their bodies puffed up huge. Pretty amazing!


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