Thankful for a Mental Workout, Better Balance, & Family Time

Day 2,768


So many ideas, thoughts, and new concepts created and started over the past few days! My brain almost feels like muscles the day after a hard workout – sore but aching for more. In so many ways the mental workout of the past few days been phenomenal!


It took me a bit to get comfortable being alone. It took me a bit to get comfortable being back home. Amazing how quickly the brain can adapt!

What’s been even better is finding the balance of the best of both places. The focus and creativity of being alone blended with the focused time with family without distractions. Making space and energy only gif what’s most important, and knowing family is most important. What an awesome balance it has been since I got home!


Ninety minutes of sitting on the couch talking as a family without TV, phones, or distractions – how perfect! What a wonderful way to come back to reality after spending time away for a few days. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

You haven’t really been anywhere until you’ve been back home.

Terry Pratchett, The Light Fantastic


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