Thankful for Picking Up Hitchhikers, Tami’s Planning, & Mini Golf Laughs

Day 2,318


The world feels like a better place when we feel 100% comfortable picking up hitchhikers. Seriously, on our ride to town we had an open seat on our golf cart and there were people looking for a ride. We pulled over twice and helped get them closer to their destination.

Maybe the bigger view is this – in a mindset if abundance I see resources I have which can benefit others so I share them without asking anything in return. It helps the other person and causes me no harm. Abundance thinking leads to joy everytime.


Tami plans so much of our Belize trips behind the scenes, I’ve only recently learned how crazy that task can be. This evening I had an exchange with the front desk that had me almost rolling with laughter while simultaneously sweating and wondering if it was actually going to get fixed. I’m thankful gif her planning, patience, and attention to detail to help create an excellent experience for our teammates.


At mini golf tonight I laughed so hard at a joke that I almost blew my drink out my nose! Laughing, joking, and goofing off as a group, what an awesome way to spend time together.


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