Thankful for Winning through Growth, the Process, & a Spectacular Scene

Day 2,295


Win or lose there’s always an opportunity to learn. Choose to grow from the challenge and you always win regardless of the result.


Trust the process. It’s as easy as that. When the strategy works just follow it and trust it. No need for nervousness, put in the reps and do the work as necessary.

I spent a few hours today working through the creative process. What really struck me was that by following the process I was able to better lean into my creativity to script the right message. Today I’m grateful for all the work that came before today to help create the process.


There was a moment right out of a winter scenes greeting card when Becky and I walked LuLu today. The snow and frost covered much of the landscape and the sun was just starting to come up in an orange hue in between the branches of a dark green pine tree. Truly awesome.


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