Thankful for Excellent Timing, +2 Purpose, & Intentionality Bookends

Day 2,294


Timing is everything once in a while. Today I had a moment in which I was almost the best me I could have been and it was almost all due to the reading of Awareness recently. I had just finished it before that moment and have already doubled back to re-read it afterwards.


There were a few moments today in which I felt I was living into my purpose. The satisfaction and joy felt during and after those experiences were priceless! Each day I’m tracking the happiness of my day on a scale of -2 to +2 to help me bring awareness to what really energizes me. The feeling of purpose has pushed today into a +2 day.


I’m grateful for starting and ending each day with intentionality by reading my 2023 Plan. Those couple of moments of focus are helping me keep my most important goals top of mind by priming me mentally. Those focused moments of presence and intentionality have led me to increased presence with my family and friends.


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