Thankful for Kleos, Reminders of Those Who’ve Passed, & a Sunny Family Walk

Day 2,284


Reaching back over 3,000 years we can still learn lessons through the stories of others. The story of Achilles in the Iliad is very much focused on his ego, his pursuit of Kleos ~ glory. From the words written by Homer so long ago we can learn the tragedy that follows pursuit of immortality, especially through feeding the ego.


I’m thankful for all of the little reminders of loved ones who’ve passed that flit into life so very unexpectedly. They can be seemingly insignificant, touch on any of our senses, and leave us in a splendid state of joy even as we miss the person we’re reminded of. Each little reminder brings a smile and reminds us of how much we loved that person who’s moved on. So many smiles over the past week, so much love, and so many warm memories.


Walking with my family over lunch while making LuLu’s day was a wonderful pause. The sun was shining enough to fight away the chill. Time outside, in the sun, with my family? Yes please!


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