Thankful for Process, an Awesome Day, & Mambo #5

Day 2,283


Nick shared a quote at yoga that really caught my attention fits perfectly with my plans for 2023.

Process saves us from the poverty of our intentions.

Elizabeth King


What an awesome day it has been! It started with yoga with Becky, rolled into family games and walking LuLu, proceeded on to board games with friends, and wrapped up with watching the end of Life of Brian with my boys. Now I’m off to sleep and smiling as I think back on the day – it’s been an awesome one!


A song over the speakers at Kwik Trip played a tune that took me way back to the night I asked Becky out on a date. Mambo #5 was one of the songs played at the wedding reception and I still have a crystal clear visual of Becky dancing along to it. It was one of the moments in which her smile completely won my heart over.


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