Thankful for Taking Many Photos, Rotary Lights, and an Octopus Encounter

Day 2,278


I went down the rabbit hole tonight. One thing led to another and I quickly slipped into scrolling through old photos. Some were vacations but most were of almost everyday moments. There were so many photographic bread crumbs I left myself, so many awesome memories created with my family and friends.

The growth I’m thankful for tonight is the reminder to take many pictures. Never let the camera get in between the present and me, but also remember the photos I take bring back so many memories later.


One of our usually annual family traditions is a trip to see the Rotary Lights in downtown La Crosse. So grateful for another year of spending time with our family together at this event!


One of the videosI stumbled across was that of the octopus I found (& touched) in a tide pool in Sawtell, Australia. That moment remains one of the most intensely encoded memories in my brain. What a surreal moment!


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