Thankful for Taking the First Action, Bookend Days, & Cool and Crisp Running Air

Day 2,268


One of my favorite books from this year shared the story of a photography class. The class was split in half and were given different instructions on how they would be graded. The first half were told they would be graded on the single best photo they took. The second group was told that their grade would be based purely on the sheer number of photos they took. At the end of the semester the teacher graded each student’s single best photo. The second half – the half focused on QUANTITY – overwhelmingly outscored the QUALITY focused group. While the quality group took time to line up one perfect shot the quantity group took pictures of everything from all angles and learned and grew as a result of the staggering amount of activity they did. Success is like that, it is all about getting in the reps and learning from them.

Habits are all about momentum. Once the first action is taken the second becomes easier, as does the third, the fourth, and so on. The most difficult actions are the first and the one that comes next. Breathe, plan, trust, and take action. Learn, adapt, and take action again. Repeat.


Throughout the day my mind kept going back to an interesting fact. Becky and I started our day waking up together. We then went on our morning run together before the world was awake and had an opportunity to talk and connect. After work and dinner with Dominic we went to yoga and stretched and sweated together. Once I’m done blogging I’ll end the day in the exact opposite of how the day started, by falling asleep next to Becky.

I am so fortunate to have someone who enjoys the same types of activities, who’s on pretty much the same schedule, and who is there to bookend each day with me. Days like this are amongst my favorites.


This morning the alarm went off way earlier than I wanted (even though I set it myself). What really got me going was the incredible weather outside on our run. The temperature was warm enough that I had to take off my light jacket and run in just a sleeveless t-shirt for a few miles to cool back down a bit. The cool air going into my lungs was amazing – so crisp & fresh, it was a wonderful way to kick off the morning.


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