Thankful for Out of Office Replies, a Travel-Centric Life, & Mass Migrations

Day 2,244


A few weeks ago one of my teammates shared an Out of Office reply that was truly terrible in many ways. What one could conclude from their automated response was that they a) didn’t value personal time, b) felt their employer put too much on them, and c) didn’t trust their teammates. This led me to leave a very different automated response focused on how much I trust, appreciate, and respect my teammates. I hope they see the reply and smile when they see it. I am so thankful for all of them!


What I’m most thankful for today is the focus Becky and I have had on what is one of the most important things to us – travel. By keeping that passion front and center we’ve had some wildly unique and memorable experiences I’ll remember forever.


I had to whip a quick U turn while driving back from Stoddard this morning. The drive along the Mississippi River yielded a unique opportunity. There were hundreds of tundra swans all huddled up in a backwater channel just off from a scenic pullout. Talk about awesome!


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