Thankful for Days Before Vacation, Early Morning Yoga, & Listening to Learn

Day 2,243


Today I was reminded of the importance of creating space and focusing. Someone once said to treat each day as if it were your last before vacation – and today literally was just that! The impending collision with a deadline really focuses the brain.


I’m so glad Becky and I started our day with yoga this morning. It was originally meant to be for her before she spent the day traveling but it also turned out to be for me. After two days of driving 4+ hours each day I didn’t realize the damage it caused to my hips and back. Yoga helped get it all straightened out and felt amazing. Centering, balancing, and healing…. Ahhh…


Listening to learn is very different than listening to be right. Today I had to stay 100% present in a conversation lest I start thinking of how to prove my point rather than hearing what the person truly intended. By staying in the moment all I could do was listen and it helped me hear a response I wasn’t expecting. Powerful stuff!


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