Thankful for the Crucible, Values, & a Daily Double

Day 2,236


When people are put into the crucible the best rise to the challenge and are forged in the fires of hardship. They come out changed and stronger.

Most don’t choose suffering voluntarily, but those who face it are presented an opportunity to rise.


I’m so grateful for the deep focus we’ve put on our values in my teams. This has led me to better decisions in both my work AND personal lives. Throughout the day my life was improved by living into those values, seeing others live into those values, and by determining my actions by those values.


Wow, tough call today! I’m going to go with two as both are worthy of being mentioned.

First, taking a moment to focus on recognizing an individual for something exemplary is a gift to the person giving thanks. The time spent recognizing and writing the thank you must be focused on that task in the moment just as they were in the moment they recognized the behavior of the individual. A doubling up of presence, how awesome is that?

Second, a quiet walk in a gentle warm rain is positively serene. The combination of rain smell, the patter of rain drops, and the slight change of view due to the precipitation is amazing!


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