Thankful for Re-Reading, a Full Home, & Simple Tasks

Day 2,232


Reading a book once is wonderful, reading it several times is divine. I may set a goal of becoming a centireader…. Reading the sand book over 100 times. Each reading adds such depth!


Tonight I’m grateful for a living room full of family. After being away for work much of last week it felt like our hone was complete again. Sure, we spent much of the time completing the FAFSA which was frustrating, but at least we were frustrated and laughed all together. So awesome having our full house.


A very unexpected source of presence and joy was getting water. There was an odd sense of peace derived from the simple, yet important task. Throughout the day there’ve been a handful of times in which in I caught myself in a similar state. Moments of simple tasks can be such an avenue to peace and presence.


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