Thankful for Rest, Work Family, & Morning Run Soundtracks

Day 2,231


Whew… what a whirlwind the past couple of weeks have been! My brain is still reeling from the nonstop pace.

When I was planning the week I had a list of everything I was going to do when I got home to an empty house today. Instead I sat on the couch, snuggled with LuLu, and went brain dead for a couple of hours. Now I’m laying in bed and about to crash.

Here’s how I’ve grown today, I gave myself time and space to rest. My mind will be refreshed and ready for a more productive tomorrow.


Working on a Saturday isn’t something I like to do often. Working and connecting with my awesome teammates makes it all worth it. I’m beyond blessed to have an incredible family who happens to work together!


Waking up early on a Saturday is usually not a great feeling. Knowing I present better when I’ve exercised before was a wonderful motivator to get me moving today. There was a wonderful state of flow when I started the run while listening to the John Wick 2 soundtrack. Felt great!


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