Thankful for Difficult Learning, Pockets of a Moments, & Stunning Sunrises with Pelicans

Day 2,200


I know that we all think differently than each other and have different strengths. Why do I continue to view others through the lens of “me” rather than defaulting to the lens of “them”? So simple, so powerful, so difficult to train myself. Practice, practice, practice.


Tonight I was able to find pockets of moments with each of the boys individually. We joked and had fun, we talked about values, and we shared life lessons. So grateful for those times with them one on one!


Driving to Winona with the sun just about to rise behind my right shoulder. The clouds cover over ninety percent of the sky but leave just enough gaps to allow some funky orange sunlight through. The changing leaves glitter along the shores of a purple hued Mississippi River. A line of over fifty pelicans drift south along the river. Simply stunning.


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